Personalized jewelry!

We help turn your idea into a beautiful unique jewelry.


Jewelry can also be customized
Have you ever thought about having a unique jewel, that is a different and unique piece the way you imagined for a special moment? It is possible and we can help you achieve this dream!


What jewelry can be customized?
ALL! Any jewelry can be unique: rings, earrings and pendants.


How it works?
Let your contacts by the form below, then our service team will contact you to understand the kind of jewel, colors and materials, and other important information about your desire. Then the active Artouro your network designers and assembles a budget for approval. 


Our experience
The ArtOuro made several jewelry designs tailored from alliances, jewelry for graduation, birthdays, Wedding earrings, pendants, mandalas, among others. As output is 100% handmade, there are no limits to the creation, and we have a network of specialized designers to realize the dream of an exclusive jewelry.

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